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We are proud to name this year's class of American-Made Heroes: six inspiring veterans who continue to answer the call to serve. We are honored to support their charities through the American-Made Heroes Foundation Fund, and feature each of them on our Evan Williams American Hero Edition bottles.

  • brian barber Sergeant E5<br>U.S. Marine Corps<br>Mission FISH

    brian barber Sergeant E5
    U.S. Marine Corps
    Mission FISH

    As a radio operator, Brian kept squadrons and artillery units in constant communication with each other to ensure their safety. After returning home, he founded Mission FISH (Fishing, Interacting, Sharing and Healing) to help veterans embrace the healing qualities of nature in a supportive community.

  • laura jeanne Chief Warrant Officer 3<br>U.S. Army<br>Adapt-Able Foundation

    laura jeanne Chief Warrant Officer 3
    U.S. Army
    Adapt-Able Foundation

    As one of the U.S. Army's first female pilots, Laura paved the way for women in aviation. After becoming a paraplegic, she helped establish the Adapt-Able Foundation, where veterans with disabilities can discover the therapeutic benefits of SCUBA diving.


Every veteran's story is unique. We brought some of our past American-Made Heroes together to share their experiences.

Previous American-Made Heroes

Every American-Made Hero has a courageous and inspiring story to tell. Meet our past Heroes.

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